Dr. Fred Meinzer

Welcome to my practice and our team of practitioners. I have spent the last 24 years developing my chiropractic skills through continuing education, daily hands-on family practice as well as ongoing sports chiropractic with the Ballet BC Dance Company. Utilizing a variety of techniques within my practice has allowed me to give patients many options in their chiropractic treatment plans. I may use very traditional hands-on chiropractic adjustments or computerized Impulse IQ chiropractic instrument adjustments, myofascial release, Laser Therapy and ultrasound.


My recent area of interest is in light therapy, phototherapy or laser therapy. The use of light in certain wavelengths has been studied and most would agree that it can stimulate our bodies chromophores. The most important ones being the cell's mitochondria. The mitochondria is the energy plant of our cell. Light helps to convert ADP to ATP by stimulating the cytochrome C oxidase enzyme. Once an injured cell has an increase in ATP, it can begin to heal at a faster rate. In short, Laser therapy stimulates injured tissue to produce energy which allows the normal healing process to occur much quicker. Athletes need to be fixed quickly and therefore most professional teams have a laser unit. I believe it is a very helpful non-invasive method of helping the body heal. The only common risk is your eyes, obviously, and precautions ( goggles ) are used by patient and practitioner.


I look forward to helping you work through your current complaint in an effort to restore and optimize your health for the future.


Dr. Meinzer is a member of the BC Chiropractic Assoc. and a registrant of the College of Chiropractors of BC.


3106  271  Street 

Aldergrove BC    V4W3H7


Behind Lordco & Sal. Army


Phone: 604-856-5299




Now OPEN Mond - Sat


The Aldergrove Wellness Centre is re-branding to EVOLUTION PHYSICAL


The Meinzer brothers are joining their 3 clinics in Vancouver, Walnut Grove and Aldergrove in order to unify their clinics under one common name and philosophy. This clinic has been serving the community for the past 20 years. It began as a chiropractic clinic, founded by Dr. Fred Meinzer, but quickly grew into a multi-disciplinary centre with an emphasis on natural healing. Now we are able to offer a host of therapies from a diverse group of practitioners all in an effort to help patients heal naturally.