Cold laser therapy, low level light therapy or phototherapy are all term used to describe therapuetic laser.


We are using the BIOFLEX laser system in the Aldergrove clinic. If you have an acute injury or a stubborn, chronic, damaged tissue that you have given up on, this could be worth trying.


Pioneered by a Medical Doctor from Toronto, Dr. Fred Kahn with over 20 years of research and two very successful laser pain clinics to draw experience from.


These lasers are generating specific wavelengths of light between 600-900nm, which are applied into the injured tissues. The injured tissues, new or old, are stimulated at a biochemical level which results in a much faster healing times.  Damaged tissues are repaired and regenerated.


We treat: Muscles, Tendons, Ligaments, Mensicus, Discs, Nerves, strains, sprains and tears.


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