GREAT NEWS for 2014. A new RMT just started and a new Laser Pain Clinic starts February. Highlights below:

BIOFLEX Laser Red Array - showing its size and intensity.


50% off all BIOFLEX Laser treatments till April.


Hoping to have a great carpet layer's knee story very soon!


We are now entering our 4th week of BIOFLEX therapy and have started to see a few positive and encouraging results. Hoping to have some great stories in the next few weeks as full treatment programs are being wrapped up. We are finding that 2x/wk  for 4-6 weeks has been the most popular and well received program.


Unfortunately we are finding that new patients are now having to book a few weeks down the road since the next few weeks are pretty much booked up with those that had recently started!


We would like to see you if you have unresolving pain from a new or old problem:


Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Degenerative or injured knees, badly sprained ankle, Tennis elbow, Whiplash, Bursitis and even Plantar fasciitis.

The Aldergrove Wellness Centre has been serving the community for the past 18 years. It began as a chiropractic clinic, founded by Dr. Fred Meinzer, but quickly grew into a multi-disciplinary centre with an emphasis on natural healing. Now we are able to offer a host of therapies from a diverse group of practitioners all in an effort to help patients heal naturally.


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